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Thomas Shou's open letter to the saints of the local churches

"I write my testimony and story of why and how I finally left the LC (Local Church) because I feel urged by the Lord to tell my unique story as so many are coming out and telling their own. It is my prayer and intention that my story be a blessing, a lighthouse to those still struggling in the darkness and confusion there that the Holy Spirit can use to shed more light to His saints there and use to speak to His children however He desires and wherever they are, in the LC or not….may the Lord use this story to glorify Himself and point to Himself and expose and denounce everything here said that is not from Him I pray He will filter for the furtherance of His Kingdom and glory on the earth. I firmly believe that in these last days the Lord has raised up His own “Me Too” movement of the Holy Spirit in the LC and throughout the Body of Christ as He comes to purify His Church and Body and equip her to be His beautiful spotless Bride, without spot and wrinkle."


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